Latest Software Release Version 5.0


MX Release 7 built on the previous release’s reputation as a secure, all-in-one SIP-based IP phone system that delivers unmatched innovation, reliability and scalability, MX Release 7.0 offers capabilities for customization and mobility, as well as new functionality for unprecedented contact center collaboration. Enhancements to SIP security and existing third-party CRM integrations round out the new release, making it the premier IP phone system to meet the demands of today’s business environments.


Users may now custom tailor the MXIE interface to fit their individual needs. This new version gives MXIE a whole new look and makes it even easier to use!

  • Move the toolbar to any location on the main screen and pick whether to have icons, text or both.
  • Address book, Call Log, Voice Mail and Parked Calls windows can now be docked in the main MXIE window and users may choose to place them all side by side or separate them with tabs.
  • New Zultys Quick Contact allows users to search all address books for a contact’s name or phone number, and then either call or send an IM straight from the Quick Contact.
  • Mailbox usage and limit information is now displayed within the voice mail viewer.


Release 7.0 introduces the much requested Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android. Mobility tools in the workforce continue to be a key factor in evaluating IP phone systems and Zultys is extending our award winning mobility solution to Android devices alongside the existing iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry mobile applications.

  • Mobile workers can truly stay connected with our Unified Communication features like Presence, access to company directory, call log, secure IM, single number contact and much more.
  • Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android also includes advanced call handling features like hold and transfer, previously reserved for the office phone, but now available even on the go.


Zultys is committed to enhancing the functionality of our Integrated Contact Center. This release includes:

  • Barge-In and Whisper support for ZIP-5 series IP Phones – supervisors may now barge-in to an ICC call as well as whisper coach agents.
  • SuperView – supervisors can pick and choose exactly what they see and the order in which the information is displayed in the SuperView monitoring screen.
  • Report Scheduler for MXreport – customize your reports and have them automatically delivered to your email inbox or saved straight to your computer or network every day, week, month, and so on.
  • Enhanced “Quit queue options” now allow for 3 quit options all with configurable trigger value. This enhancement is available for Operator, ACD, Hunt and ICC Groups.


Another great feature included with release 7.0 is Multiple Music on Hold Playlists. This feature allows each Call Group or group of users to have a unique music playlist which is played for hold, park and queuing. This feature is especially useful in situations where a single MX services multiple distinct businesses, like car dealerships, call centers or online stores.

  • System administrators can configure up to 64 different playlists to be assigned to callers as Music on Hold based on User, Call Center Group, or Automated Attendant that the call was routed to.


MX Release 7.0 comes with new enhancements for existing third party CRM integrations as well as a new Communicator application:

  • Communicator
    • Support for multiple call appearances
    • Support for the latest web browsers including Firefox 4.0+ and IE 8+
    • Compatible with v4.0 of CTI API
    • Ability to login to Operator and Call Group roles and select which role to make an outbound call from
  • Outlook Communicator
    • Ability to login to Operator and Call Group roles and select which role to make an outbound call from
    • Additional preference settings including Binding and Automatic Presence Change based on time
  • Introducing “Flex Communicator” – Flex Communicator is a Microsoft Windows-based application that serves as a standardized interface for third party application integration via Command Line or the default web browser. The application provides screen popping and click to dial functionality. Flex Communicator allows Channel Partners and customers to cost effectively integrate CRM and other line-of-business applications with the Zultys Unified Communications solution without the need for costly professional services.


Voice Mail features and enhancements in Release 7.0 include:

  • Announcement Only Voicemail Box – Play a greeting/announcement to the caller then disconnect.
  • Auto Deletion of Voicemail Messages – Option to automatically delete saved voice mails, faxes and on demand call recordings after a specified period of time has passed.


The market leading SIP security features of the MX system have been further enhanced to deliver unrivalled security:

  • Trusted/Untrusted Network classification provides tighter Network Admission Control including the ability to block all traffic from untrusted networks
  • Configurable sensitivity settings for Denial of Service Attack detection
  • Increased security for systems accessible from the Internet

MX Administrator

With the introduction of the many new features and improvements in Release 7.0, we have taken the opportunity to introduce several usability enhancements in MX Administrator:

  • Greatly reduces the time it takes to connect to an MX system over a slow network link
  • Quick filters added to the Assignment screen to allow for faster location of devices/users
  • Ability to delete all messages in a user’s mailbox via “reset user” function.
  • Ability to view and edit user’s device assignment from the Edit User window.
  • Rework of “SIP and RTP” and “SBC” screens to accommodate the new SIP security functions
  • Usage and limit information for all User and Call Group mailboxes viewable from MX Administrator.
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