Roam Alert Infant Alarm System

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Roam Alert-Infant Alarm System

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The Halo™ system is not just the leading infant protection product based on skin-sensing technology. It’s also the only system that offers staff tags for easy and secure bypass of exits, and the ability to locate infants at any time.

The Halo system advantage

No proprietary bands
The Halo system does not require the use of proprietary bands. You are free to choose the banding solution that works best for you.

Support now, and in the future
The By Your Side™ program for the halo system ensures that every customer will be successful with infant protection. xmark is with you every step of the way with a wide range of materials and services as you implement and use your system.

No single point of failure
The distributed intelligence of the halo system architecture ensures that exits are covered even in the event of a PC failure or a problem with the hospital network.

Multiple transfer options
The Halo system makes it easy to move infants around your facility. They can be transported via a computer or at a keypad at the door. While wearing the optional pendant tag, you don’t have to do anything at all just take the infant through the doorway and the system will record the event.

To learn more, download the Halo brochure.

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