Cloud Solutions

Voice, Data, and Video Integration

Are common solutions that reduce communication costs and provide more efficient use of bandwidth.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

IP networks enable customers to seamlessly integrate multiple locations at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Linking computers and telephone systems improves your capability to serve your clients. CTI can be implemented at the desktop, workgroup, and enterprise level.

Voice Mail and Unified Messaging

Unified messaging solutions provide users with the ability to unify voice mails, e-mails, and faxes in one location, such as Microsoft Outlook, or Lotus Notes.

Unified Communications & Presence Management

Technology that lets you see the presence status of others, send and receive emails, voicemails and faxes, control all of your phone calls via your PC desktop, send secure Instant Messages, even launch a collaborative web conference session – all with a single mouse click.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP Trunking)

Enables your company to use the same circuit for local, long-distance, and broadband Internet. This gives your company significant cost savings.


Development, expansion, and maintenance of local, wireless and wide area networks. Productivity increases dramatically when company team members communicate quickly and effectively across locations.

Managed Services

NEIS Managed Services eliminates technologies’ two greatest risks – obsolescence and the ongoing costs of utilizing technology.


Northeast IS offers a thorough portfolio of data products. Whether its routers, switches, wireless access points, fiber optics, or any other data product, we can provide, install and maintain the data networks you need to run your business effectively.

  • Wireless – mobility, security & modular design
  • Network Security – remote access, firewalling & intrusion detection
  • Permission-based content management and access

Call Center Technology

Companies with a high inbound call flow can dramatically reduce customer hold time and improve customer service. Efficiency is increased by routing calls to the most appropriate employees. And compiling call handling data will ensure the most effective use of your resources.

Cellular Boosters

The WilsonPro 1000 passive distributed antenna system is a cellular amplifier designed to provide enhanced in-building cellular coverage for all commercial spaces, including hospitals, hotels, warehouses and offices.
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