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Nurse call solutions can be a vital technology in medical and health care environments. Let us show you how our expertise and experience of over 35 years can identify and provide the right solution for your practice or facility.

Myco Inspired by Nurses

Ascom Myco Solution

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Struggling with the equation of limited resources and high demands on the quality of care?

The challenge is to utilize available resources in the most efficient way. To achieve this, workflows must become more integrated and more intelligent. Ascom Myco combined with Ascom Unite middleware and third party apps are an important step in this direction.

Ascom Unite integrates with healthcare information systems and medical equipment, supporting a holistic approach to clinical workflows. It has the intelligence to filter and push mission-critical information to a specific caregiver. With Ascom Myco, caregivers can be more efficient in their decision-making and respond faster to the demands at the point of care. Ascom Unite also logs events, providing the necessary data to identify where efficiency improvements can be made to optimize workflows.

The Ascom Unite Assign application offers a unique overview of nurses and patients. It streamlines the assignment process and helps to ensure that the right nurse is assigned to the right patient.


Ascom Myco Overview Chart


Nurses are the everyday heroes in healthcare and deserve their very own companion to assist them in their jobs – that’s why we developed Ascom Myco™ (My companion). It is a truly purpose-built smartphone for healthcare, providing caregivers and clinicians with the information they need where it matters the most – at the heart of care.


What if you could receive alerts and information about your patients directly on your smartphone?

Imagine not having to interrupt what you are doing only to find out that someone else already took care of it. Or, imagine if you could reduce the number of steps you walk every day to look for information and spend more time with your patients. Let Ascom Myco help you – the specially designed user interface is built around a real-time patient overview, always available wherever you are.


What’s in it for you?

Ascom Myco is developed for nurses, caregivers and clinicians, but it affects and involves other functions in healthcare as well, such as hospital management, IT, consultants, etc. By collaborating with healthcare facilities and applying user-centric design methods, we have developed Ascom Myco with the whole healthcare team in mind.



Ascom Myco is an essential part of a growing ecosystem made up of numerous subsystems within the hospital environment. When combined with Ascom Unite middleware, it extends the reach of existing clinical systems by delivering time-sensitive information directly to mobile caregivers.


Ascom Unite combines intelligent integration, advanced alert messaging and system administration in one unique, powerful package. Together Ascom Myco and Ascom Unite create a “connected” environment where caregivers can remain mobile while accessing crucial patient information required for on-the-spot decision-making.


Interoperability with various clinical systems like nurse call, patient monitoring and EMRs is crucial to promoting a “connected” environment and delivering an intelligent solution. Together with strategic partners, Ascom ensures harmonious interoperability for your end-to-end, mission-critical communication.

Our ultimate goal is to decrease the complexity of integrating solutions and to empower our customers to build innovative communication solutions that combine the best offerings from multiple vendors. Such hybrid solutions yield higher customer value greater than the sum of its individual parts. Customers are also able to evolve their systems over time as needed and realize a greater return on their systems investment.

We actively work alongside our technology partners to build and sustain a vibrant eco-system around Ascom Myco. Our partners include mobile network operators, application software developers, leading vendors of PBXs, WLAN infrastructure, patient monitoring, and nurse call systems. Together we jointly perform verification testing and certify that our products/solutions interoperate harmoniously, as one seamless system.

Quality of Care


Is maintaining high standards of quality in care important to you and your hospital?

What if you, as a nurse, could access information about medication, receive alarms, and patient calls directly at the point of care? With Ascom Myco, you can do just that.

Ascom Myco offers a unique patient overview and intelligent alert handling that ensures quick assessments and fast, accurate responses, particularly when receiving multiple alerts. Thanks to alert filtering, you can focus on alerts related to your patients instead of all of the alerts within the ward or unit. With escalation chains and safety nets, you can be sure that all alerts will be taken care of. It is also possible to create alarm scenarios, such as a cardiac arrest, triggering a specific response by the most suitable team or person. So relax, spend the time you need with the patient you are currently caring for.

Designed for You

Ascom Myco Purpose Built


Would you like to have a reliable companion who always provides you with what you need when you need it?

Ascom Myco is built for the on-the-job reality and the methods of working of nurses and clinicians, as well as the demanding environment of healthcare. It provides reliable communication, access to information at the point of care, and is robust and durable. Every detail is carefully designed to help make every shift more pleasant, efficient, and rewarding. And guess what, we think that your IT department will love it as well.

  1. Highly ergonomic design: compact, lightweight and optimized for single hand usage.
  2. Durable and robust: built from materials specifically designed to withstand excessive drops and corrosion from disinfecting agents.
  3. Built on open software standards (for integration with other systems and to support 3rd party apps), with addition of Ascom mission-critical extensions for information security.
  4. Specially designed carrying clip evenly distributes weight and provides a firm grip on a single layer of fabric to prevent drops.


Interoperability Illustration


Tired of systems that lock you in and limit your options?

Our interoperability program is based on decades of expertise and experience, built on numerous installed systems in cooperation with our partners: all with one common goal – to decrease the complexity of managing integrated multivendor solutions. That’s why we can empower our customers with the freedom to build innovative solutions by combining the best offerings from multiple vendors. It goes without saying that we also enable our customers to evolve their systems over time, resulting in a greater return on investments.

We work actively along with partners, leading application developers, mobile network operators, WLAN infrastructure suppliers, and PBX vendors, to mention a few. Together, we perform verification testing and certify that our products/solutions interoperate harmoniously, as one seamless system.

We actively work alongside our technology partners to build and sustain a vibrant eco-system around Ascom Myco. Our partners include mobile network operators, application software developers, leading vendors of PBXs, WLAN infrastructure, patient monitoring, and nurse call systems. Together we jointly perform verification testing and certify that our products/solutions interoperate harmoniously, as one seamless system.

Information Security


Information Security

Do you want to be sure that you get it all?

To safeguard patient data, Ascom conforms to industry standards and “best practices.” We build upon Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) in Android OS to add Ascom mission-critical extensions at the OS level, e.g., prioritization of essential apps. Our goal is to ensure confidentiality, data integrity, and availability.

Confidentiality – “Sandboxing” restricts app privileges to intended functionality, and it prevents unauthorized access to app data. Using transport layer security (TLS), data via Ascom Unite Connectivity Manager (CM) is encrypted, regardless of the carrier, WiFi or 3G.

Data Integrity – TLS certificates are used to authenticate Ascom Unite CM, in combination with a special key used by each handset. This safeguards against “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

Availability – A software supervision module is used to prioritize essential apps, optimize their performance, and automatically re-launch if necessary.


Myco Applications


Ascom Myco comes with all the standard apps from AndroidTM OS, e.g. Web Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Email, Media Player, and Address book.

As the platform for developing Android apps, Ascom Myco will be the tool that makes your day.

There are essentially two kinds of Apps for Ascom Myco

  1. Generic Android Apps that will run on any Android device. Developed by 3rd party companies and can be sourced from various App Stores e.g. Amazon App Store or directly from the developer.
  2. Apps developed specifically for Ascom Myco. This include apps that leverage mission-critical extensions and capabilities provided by the Ascom Myco platform. For those developers Ascom provide an end-to-end partnering program that connects to the partner ecosystem of Ascom.


  • Segregation of essential apps from non-essential apps, so that core apps are given higher priority to system resources.
  • “Watchdog” functionality for essential apps. The watchdog will monitor the functionality and initiates corrective actions if necessary.
  • App supervision module suppresses non-essential apps to optimize performance of core apps.
  • “Sandboxing” functionality safeguards patient data within the apps and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Supports 3rd party apps, i.e., compatible with thousands of Android apps, however, mission-critical communication always overrules.
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