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Management Applications and Productivity Solutions

A communications system today can provide more than dial tone and intercom. Northeast IS offers a broad suite of business applications that will enhance productivity and drive efficiency in your organization. Many of these applications can be designed to work in concert with one another.

Call Accounting

Many businesses need to track calls to control costs, allocate expenses or assess staff performance. We partner with several of the world’s leading developers of call accounting software. They have industry-specific solutions that can support your business.

Call Recording

Call recording technology can play a valuable role for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Any business that regularly communicates with customers, clients and partners via the phone should proactively manage the risks inherent in these interactions using call recording. With our call recording and quality assurance solutions, call recordings become a vital part of developing effective compliance programs and can be useful as a training and coaching tool. This ensures that phone-based interactions are readily available for handling disputes and verifying transactions. Some of our telephone systems include basic call recording as a standard feature while others can be equipped with more robust capabilities.

Business Dashboard

 Management Applications and Productivity Solutions

A business dashboard is a valuable tool for executives and business managers to stay on top of their companies’ telephone activity. By gathering the information necessary to run a successful business, a business dashboard will quickly and easily arrange all your vital information into real time, easy-to-read and easy-to-use graphs and charts – right on your desktop.

Whether you have a basic department workgroup with extensions or a call center with agents at single or dispersed locations, a business dashboard can be customized to suit any monitoring requirement.


A well-designed dashboard can be used to:

  • Allow supervisors to make sound business decisions based on real-time statistics and historical reports regarding inbound and out-bound call traffic and other key performance indicators.
  • Track call volumes in response to marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Equip your management team with reporting tools that statistically provide the information they need to make customer service improvements.
  • Utilize visual alarms and display dozens of different performance statistics to help maintain staff focus and motivation needed to keep performance on track.

Conferencing – Audio & Web

With Audio and Web conferencing capabilities from NEIS, organizations can bring people together instantly, wherever they may be, so information can be discussed live and decisions can be made faster and more accurately.

Users can extend the reach and impact of ideas to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. Our solutions include desktop and application sharing, multi-point video conferencing, polling and quizzing, keyboard chat, file transfer and document management.

Customized conferencing enables you to:

  • Instantly set-up webinars, conferences, presentations, meetings or training sessions that require little coordination or advance planning.
  • Automatically send an e-mail invitation to participants, providing secure access codes with a dial-in number, link to Web-based presentations, date/time, etc.
  • Save money on travel expenses and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.
  • Provide a secure way to share sensitive information with clients and/or coworkers with no changes to an enterprise’s infrastructure or firewall.

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