Tel Tron Senior Living Call Systems

Nurse Call

Nurse call solutions can be a vital technology in medical and health care environments. Let us show you how our expertise and experience of over 35 years can identify and provide the right solution for your practice or facility.

Tel-Tron Senior Living Call Systems

Tel-tron Technologies Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of emergency call systems for senior living. As the senior living industry continues to grow, so has the need for advanced technology in communication, safety and security. Whether the need is a state-of-the-art emergency call system for a new community, or an upgrade for an existing property, Tel-Tron is the best source for design, installation and maintenance of the three most desired emergency call systems for the senior living industry.

For the past 50 years, Tel-Tron has been outfitting single assisted living communities, vast residential campuses, and everything else in between. Our emergency call systems have become the standard by which other call systems are measured.

Tel-Tron manufactures emergency call systems like they were meant to save our own lives.

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