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When it comes to your business and its needs, you deserve the right kind of partner for the services necessary to cover them. What you need is a company that can offer you quality products and leading-edge solutions that can keep you ahead of your competition. One that listens to what you have to say and customer service that is always there when you need it. You need a company like Northeast IS.

When it comes to the telecommunications industry, we stand above our competitors. For over 35 years we have served 3,000+ customers, and there’s a reason why so many of them have stayed with us for years even decades. We give our customers not only the right solutions they need but customer service that works closely with them, ongoing consulting services, and on-call technicians. We’re always there for our customers however they need us as we go above and beyond for them, just like we did for this satisfied customer:

“Hi Deb, all went great. Ryan exceeded expectations. He listened (rare!), and even suggesting a couple of quick changes that I think will help my client’s call experience. Please let him and his supervisors know that I appreciated his willingness to help tweak the system to perfection!”
The Firm of James E Blowers, CPA

When it comes to your business’s telecommunications needs, you won’t find anyone better than us. No matter what kind of job you have, you can always count on Northeast IS to not only get the job done but to still be there for you long after it is.


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