Technology Assurance Group Awards Northeast IS at 20th Annual Convention

Northeast IS, a leading managed technology services provider, announced today that the company was presented with an award at the 20th Annual TAG Convention in Dallas, Texas. They received an award in recognition of Outstanding Commitment to Corporate Training. Technology Assurance Group (TAG) is an organization of leading managed technology services providers in the United States and Canada representing $800 million in annual products and services. This prestigious event gathers the best and brightest minds in corporate technology industry to discuss best practices, the future of technology and to recognize the leaders of the industry for innovation in the past year.  The award was presented to C.G. Frink and Kevin Grace from Northeast IS at the annual convention.

“We’re always pleased to be recognized for our efforts,” stated C.G. Frink. “We’re very proud of the Outstanding Commitment to Corporate Training Award. We’ve spent years fostering a company culture that’s focused on personal and professional development, and our unrelenting commitment to employee growth is what contributes to all of the other awards.” Frink clearly recognizes the value of ongoing education, training and growth in her organization and regularly invests significantly in employee development.

“I feel so privileged to work with such an incredible team,” added Frink. “Our team operates differently than other organizations. We set the bar high for our employees, but each and every single team member takes individual ownership of our bottom-line results. It’s such a rarity to be surrounded with individuals who embrace accountability and embody excellence in all that they do. This is a very special organization that I am incredibly proud to be a part of and the relationships we’ve built with clients are testaments to the extra effort that our team puts into every technology deployment.”

“Northeast IS is clearly a company geared for the future,” said Brian Suerth, President of Technology Assurance Group. “Technology is one such industry that is under constant flux and business owners need a partner who is proactively educating itself on the latest advancements in the field. Over the years, Northeast IS has played an absolutely vital role in architecting and laying the foundation for a strong technology infrastructure for their customers. With a growing number of businesses beginning to invest more heavily in best practices, mastermind groups and professional development, it’s no secret that the organization which has been committed to personal and professional growth for the past couple decades is already leagues ahead of their competition.”

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