Medical professional in blue scrubs writing on a clipboard

We are facing an aging population with lifespans exceeding what was normal in the past. With extended lifespans comes the need for senior care, and it seems Alzheimer’s, and dementia are a cause for much concern in this demographic. There is a need for security and peace of mind when facing decisions about placing loved ones in assisted living facilities.

Here at Nistel we pride ourselves on building customer relationships with a personal touch, we have worked in the health industry in the past and are recognizing that access control, surveillance, and security are of vital importance in assisted living situations. We understand that controlling entrances and exits are key when working with seniors with cognitive issues, and how quickly a patient can slip out during a busy moment and become lost or disoriented. Using our IP video surveillance software, which provides access to real-time video feeds, these occurrences can be quickly resolved.


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