2019 convention

There was a lot to do, and a great deal learned from attending TAG’s annual convention this year. We established many good connections while talking to other companies, and even got to play a few holes of golf with some of them. We learned more about vendors as well as how to utilize them to a greater degree for our clients. On top of that, there were the keynote speakers Eric Chester and Dan Thurmon who taught us a lot. Our most significant takeaway, however, was on cultural values and how we will assess ours going forward.

As Dan Thurmon said during the convention “We can do a lot more than we think&hellip” and we plan to expand our capacity in a cultural way. We plan to spend some time to reflect and look at our business’s culture so that we can change it for the better going forward. Through that process, we hope to achieve a culture of taking care of our employees who will, in turn, take care of our customers.

We know this will be a long journey to take, but it’s one that will be worth it for everyone in the end. Once we achieve what we are aiming for Northeast IS will be an even better company, for ourselves and for our clients.


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