Nurse and patient

Operating throughout the New York and New England area, Northeast IS fully support healthcare facilities with the technical and automated tools needed for smooth and productive health environment. The solutions we offer ensure safety and efficiency for both healthcare providers and patients from hospitals to nursing homes.

Solutions like the Ascom Telligence Nurse Call Communications System allows for easily integrated voice communication, IR location, event reporting, wireless telephone communications, and more. Our intelligent nurse call solutions support holistic and clinical workflow application. This is great for large to even medium and small-scale medical offices.

The everyday heroes in the healthcare industry deserve their own companion to assist in their day-to-day work. Inspired by nurses, the Ascom Myco Solution is a smartphone built with purpose, allowing nurses, caregivers, and medical professionals to get the information that matters most to them effectively. Receiving alerts and information regarding the patient directly to their device enables more accessible information to staff and even helps in nurses becoming more adept with the information they have, such as if a patient has already been visited or fed and maybe doesn’t need to be bothered for some time.

The power of user-friendly devices with cutting-edge medical technology makes the work of these professionals easier and allows for more productivity and accuracy in day-to-day operations. We here at Northeast IS appreciate the work of these medical professionals and aim to make their lives better.


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