In between all our hard work to provide customers with the best support, we sometimes take a well-earned break. That’s what we did at our recent Company Appreciation BBQ. We served delicious hot dogs, burgers, and chicken, had activities, and an all-around great time with the whole team!

Among the activities were a paper plane flying content, egg drop, and scavenger hunt. Congratulations to Bill Connors, Ellen Brumaghim, Dean Jones and Pat Trianni for winning the scavenger hunt!

team building

Our team worked hard on their egg padding for the egg drop, which saw only 1 out of 4 eggs lost. And then there was the paper plane flying contest – won by Deb Orminski, Dean Wescott and Pat Trianni.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the event. This was a fantastic chance for some team-building fun!


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