Surveillance camera looking down from directly above

In this month’s blog, we want to highlight our recent installation for a large trucking company. We designed and setup 40 cameras across their two warehouses, with the goal of keeping a better eye on assets, people, and trucks going in and out of the facility. Thanks to the new video surveillance system from 3xLOGIC, company management is able to monitor the business better. This is especially important when many deliveries are entering and leaving the warehouses. Customers need to know that their products are in good hands and insurance companies like to know your business is safe. Thanks to the high quality image and zoom functions, it’s easy to identify where each truck and merchandise is located on site.

But that’s only one of the reasons we recommended the 3xLOGIC system – in addition to a fast, IP connection between all cameras, our customers can also access their video feed from anywhere. When the boss is travelling from place to place, he can still quickly access live surveillance feed from any device, anytime. That brings him peace of mind and let’s him keep an eye on his facility, even while on the go. You can’t be everywhere all of the time! But with a good video surveillance system in place, you can know that your warehouses are always being monitored. Learn more about these and other security solutions such as Intelli-M, IQinvision, and Onssi…


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