All Things Cloud Starting at: $149.00 mo. per month  plus taxes

Cloud Telephone  Systems $199.00 mo.

Work from home, mobile phone, conference, Video, record calls, voicemail to email,  voice mail  transcription, chat, presence and much more!

Firewall Router Security $149.00 mo.

Secure threat detection for Anti Virus Malware, Ransomware. Network protection & security, website blocking, spam blocking,

Data Back up local/cloud $159.00 mo.

2 TB back up, business continuity  disaster recovery, private cloud.  Sleep easy knowing your data is securely backed up and verified.

Camera Surveillance Packages $249.00 mo.

8 Camera packages, IR range, motorized, motion detection, audio triggers, warranty

High resolution, mobile phone viewing, internet equipped.

Door Access. $249.00 mo.

Fob access or card access, reports of personnel entering, remote locking and opening, schedule time based locking,  automation access.

SD WAN  $299.00 mo

Passwords are insufficient, Cyber crime is on the rise, keep imposters out.  Push based authentication, QR code based authentication, One time password OTP, Mobile devices

Business Internet service available $ 149.00 mo.

200/20 speed, Fiber, IP addresses, reliable.

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