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Businesses depend on their IT to power their operations, but when it comes to organizations with limited resources like small businesses, managing their own IT and voice systems can lead to trouble down the road. Small companies that attempt to manage their own operations inevitably face stunted growth due to their primary focus being more on their systems than on their actual business.

Our NEIS Managed Services is a solution that provides businesses of all sizes with robust systems and network management, support, maintenance, advanced security, and state-of-the-art network technology and voice equipment that is affordable for any size business. This service enhances operational efficiency and allows our clients to scale and expand their business with ease. With 24/7 system monitoring, we ensure that your business stays safe and runs smoothly, no matter what. But how does NEIS differ from other managed IT providers? Here are four ways our managed IT solution can transform your business and keep you ahead of the curve:

  1. With NEIS, you will notice a change in your operations immediately. We work to understand your business to provide you with a custom IT infrastructure that will fit the style of operations that you have. With a tailored solution for your business, you will immediately notice a positive shift in the workflow.
  2. Significantly reduces downtime and improves productivity. We actively monitor your systems no matter the time, day, or night. Combating issues before they can emerge and keeping you safe by not only reducing downtime but also diminishing the chances of security breaches and attacks occurring while you are away. Operations become stress-free and allow you to get back to focusing on your business.
  3. Your organization will experience remarkable growth. Scalability is simple, and your service stays affordable, no matter the size of your business. With a “pay as you grow” pricing model, you only pay for the service you need and can afford.
  4. Stay equipped with the most innovative technology around. Your business will never operate with outdated equipment. NEIS is a future-proof solution that ensures that your systems, networks, phone technology, and peripheral equipment remain current and fresh.

NEIS Managed Services is a solution that will stay with you for the life of our business. Northeast IS offers several resources for small to midsized businesses as well as larger enterprises to implement a sustainable foundation for their data and voice infrastructure. We partner with your business to provide you with emerging technology and strategic business planning to ensure that your business flourishes.


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