System Administration


The system administration software gives you complete control over the system from a single integrated interface. The software runs under Windows and the PC can be located anywhere in your network.

You can have multiple administrators and can assign different privileges to each. The dial plan is intuitive and allows flexibility to have extension numbers of different lengths, internal and external emergency numbers, and call blocking. You assign the extension to the user, not to a physical phone.

You add the data about users manually or import the data from an export file of another source.

You can define the devices that you are using and assign them to users. As users move locations you do not need to make any changes to the configuration on the MX250. Users retain their extensions regardless where they plug their phone in your enterprise.

You select the auto attendant and voice mail scripts and the schedule for these scripts to operate. You can modify or create scripts through the GUI.

All of the configuration, the voice mail, and CDR can be periodically backed up. The software allows you to monitor the status of any user or device on the system, and also to monitor SIP, CAS, and ISDN protocols. The MX250 can send events to a Syslog server.

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