MXnetwork™ extends full MX functionality across multiple locations, making separate offices appear as a single entity. Users at one location can communicate with users at any other location in the same way they communicate with users at their own location. The MX250 systems communicate with each other in an MXnetwork configuration (with or without MXcluster™) over a WAN or the Internet with minimal bandwidth requirements. MXnetworks are easily configured. No intervention is required by the users of the systems.

Key Features

  • Seamless connectivity for multiple locations
  • Internal extension dialing among all systems
  • Presence and Instant Messaging among all users
  • Immediate access to directory of all users from any location
  • Failure of any node does not affect operation at other locations
  • Up to 128 MX250 systems can be grouped
  • Up to 10,000 users in a fully deployed MXnetwork installation
  • Users can log into any location at any time
  • Distributed operators, ACD group members, and ICC call center agents
  • Voice calls between locations can use G.729A compression
  • PSTN access can be retained at each location or shared between sites
  • PSTN calls can be routed over WAN to save toll charges
  • Video calling is supported between locations
  • Secure communications with encryption between locations
  • Single or multiple administrators per MXnetwork site
  • Group can be administered from a centralized location
  • One common administration software
  • Set up a group in as little as 5 minutes
  • Seamless connectivity between all users of all MXnetwork locations

With MXnetwork, up to 10,000 users within an enterprise can communicate with one another, regardless whether they are on different floors of the same building, in different cities, or in different countries. All MX systems in the group appear as a unified system, extending the features of one MX250 across the entire group. Each MX250 maintains a complete list of all users in the group and broadcast publishes this list to every user in the group. Users can see the presence (Available, In a Meeting, At Lunch, etc.) of any other user, regardless where that person is located. Users can also send Instant Messages to any user, regardless of the user’s physical location. All communication may be securely contained within the enterprise when MXnetwork is deployed over the enterprise’s WAN, or the open Internet may be used to connect MX systems into a group configuration.

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