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Be Connected Anytime, Anywhere

It is a mobile world and the successful professional knows that customers expect results, not excuses, when it comes to their needs. That is why Zultys Mobile Unified Communications solution for mobile devices is designed to provide people with true anytime, anywhere connectivity to their customers and colleagues. Zultys Mobile Communicator is a real-time presence and communications client for Android, BlackBerry and the iPhone.

Zultys Mobile extends the award-winning MXIE™ Unified Communications desktop client to the mobile device, and gives employees on the go deep access to their corporate Unified Communication systems to connect them as firmly into their team as if they were in the office rather than at a customer site.

Zultys Mobile seamlessly integrates mobile workers into the corporate Voice and Unified Communications system, providing critical tools such as presence, internal extension dialing and corporate directory access. Zultys Mobile also provides Least Cost Routing for mobile devices, which can slash cost from a company’s phone bill.

Key Features

  • Single number contact
  • Corporate directory and extension dialing
  • Caller privacy
  • Presence status & presence notes
  • Instant messaging
  • Call back
  • Least cost routing
  • Call alerts & full caller ID
  • Call logs and history
  • Voice traffic is carried over the cellular network
  • System level call hold and transfer available on Android and BlackBerry devices

Connect Your Mobile Workforce and Boost Productivity

Never be out of touch: Employees can be more accessible and productive while on the move, and can be called using a single corporate number via internal extension dialing so they can always be reached.

No more guessing games: Zultys Mobile weaves the mobile worker into the corporate Presence system, meaning people anywhere within the company or on the road can check their Presence status and availability.

Secure IM: Chat with colleagues via secure Instant Messaging to quickly and easily communicate without engaging in a phone call. A perfect way to carry on side conversations or check in on a task status when troubleshooting or addressing a customer’s need.

Corporate directory access: Zultys Mobile provides access to corporate directories and buddy lists, allowing one-click extension calling right from the mobile device.

Least cost routing: Cut calling costs by using the corporate IP PBX to initiate and carry calls that would otherwise incur special mobile charges.

Zultys Mobile enables a company to stay in motion to meet customer and market demands, take advantage of new opportunities – and save money.

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