Man with laptop in fieldWorkspace as a Service or WaaS gives you peace of mind knowing that your staff can be operational no matter what. During natural disasters, power failures, and fires or even after a robbery you can access your virtual desktop from anywhere as your data is automatically backed up and protected, offsite in the cloud.

Your system extends beyond your brick and mortar office, and you are saved the associated costs of on-site servers and your cloud service provider takes on the risk, security and maintenance for the data storage.

Some of the benefits of moving to WaaS and nWorkSpace include:

  • IT simplified – we take care of setting up, managing servers, and equipment freeing up your staff to work on strategic development
  • Work anywhere – nWorkSpace is accessible from all your devices.
  • BYOD support – the cloud is an essential tool for growth, allowing your employees to use their own devices without putting your company data at risk.
  • Business continuity – nWorkSpace supports your disaster recovery plans by keeping your infrastructure safe in tier IV data centers.
  • Security – all your applications are stored and backed up in our data centers at are compliant with most regulating bodies.


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