Unified communications

If you are running a business one of your goals is usually to expand by opening multiple branches or offices. One of the hardest and biggest expenses of that is getting another phone system installed at the other locations. Paying for not only the installation but for every new line that will have to be added or lines that will have to be removed, all on top of the monthly fees of your new system. All of that going up on top of having to use a new number for your separate location, all while trying to get communication between your multiple locations running smoothly. It can be a massive undertaking with a lot of frustration, that’s why Northeast IS is here to tell you there is a solution to simplify it all.

By switching over to VoIP not only will you be able to benefit from all the features it has to offer, but you will be able to unify your communications more efficiently at barely any extra cost. Instead of needing a separate system for each location you have, you can instead link them all together over existing data networks. With VoIP linked through one system, your employees can see at a glance if their co-workers at other locations are available instead of having to send a message and hope they respond in time. All of this being available for typically no additional monthly cost, as VoIP uses existing corporate data networks.

Not only will switching to VoIP help unify your communications but it will also allow you to provide a single corporate image to your customers. So don’t settle for paying for two systems at each location, give Northeast IS a call and not only unify your communications for your business but reduce the costs of having multiple locations too.


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