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In a field where technology is changing rapidly to meet the growing demands for a reliable solution, you need the right equipment and design to address your unique requirement. Let us show you how we have worked with similar clients to develop the right solution.

For many industries, video surveillance and security has become a critical need to provide protection for assets and employees, insure against loss and mitigate potential liabilities. With IP video surveillance from NEIS, you can efficiently monitor and capture full motion video using high quality cameras and standard computer hardware. IP-Based surveillance means that cameras can be securely monitored, recorded, administered and accessed from any authorized workstation or portable device within the local network or over the Internet. Enable authorized employees to monitor a location from anywhere.

Distribute video security across a campus easily and deploy over a wide area using IP – reducing installation costs and disruption. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV cameras, access control and third-party transaction systems such as automated teller machines and point-of-sale systems. Because they are totally IP network based, they provide instant and easy access to real-time and archived video footage from any client location whether via the network or the internet.

  • Use high-resolution megapixel cameras for greater detail and digital magnification.
  • Capture live video from IP cameras and IP video encoders.
  • Facilitate remote access for live view with camera control and playback.
  • Search video for evidence and export material.
  • Integrate with many 3rd party systems.
  • Record video to your specified storage location.

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The IQeye is perfect for video surveillance in all industries: education security, property management security, retail security, banking security, casino security, and more.


On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) is a developer of comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management solutions which deliver feature-rich camera management, intelligent detection and delivery and the most advanced means of video monitoring and investigation.
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