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MX Series

Zultys MX-SE Premise-Based IP Phone System

Manage Your Phone System Your Way

The Zultys family of advanced Open Standards SIP-based IP phone systems offer businesses of all sizes a feature-rich, energy-efficient path to IP telephony and Unified Communications. Zultys premises and virtual solutions do more in one system than any other IP phone system on the market!

Zultys MX-E Premise-Based IP Phone System The MX-E and MX-SE premise-based IP phone systems include a SIP gateway right out of the box. Zultys MXvirtual is a fully integrated unified communication solution and IP phone system in a VMware®-Ready virtual appliance.

Innovative, reliable and scalable, the MX series of IP phone systems integrates voice, video, and other business-enhancing features such as Unified Communications, integrated Fax, Voice Mail, Contact Center, Presence, Instant Messaging, Zultys Mobile Communicator™, integrated MXconference™ audio conferencing and more, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes.

The features and operation of the MXvirtual and premise-based MX-E and MX-SE are identical and can be integrated into a company-wide MXnetwork™. The Zultys MXnetwork feature enables multiple IP phone systems to be connected in a peer-to-peer architecture to provide organization-wide Unified Communications across 128 different locations with up10,000 employees total.

Feature Rich Advanced IP Phone System

The MX Series of IP phone systems deliver enterprise class IP telephony services that support high quality VoIP and Unified Communications services. Each MX system comes with built-in SIP trunk support and a complete Unified Communications system.

The MX-E is available in three different models; the base MX-E model supports 300 users, while the MX-E+ can support up to 1000 users, and the MX-E++ is designed to accommodate businesses with up to 2000 users on a single appliance. Meanwhile, the MX-SE IP phone system was designed for small or medium businesses or to house employees of a smaller branch office of a multi-location enterprise with up to 50 users.

Cloud-based MXvirtual offers businesses the flexibility to choose the size and resource allocation of the VMware-certified server hosting their phone systems. MXvirtual can scale anywhere between a small instance with just a handful of users and an enterprise-class instance that supports 1,000 users or more.

All-in-One Appliance Does Everything You Need

With the MX series of IP phone systems, workers are unified across their organization into a single communication system – regardless of their location, even if they are on the road using their mobile phone. Users of the system may log in from any location and have full access to all system features while retaining their own personal user identity – whether they are logging in at the office, at home, while traveling, or from a different site.

Zultys IP phone systems combine the functions of an Internet gateway, with classic phone system functionality for high quality voice calling and Unified Communications across an organization. They provide powerful applications like Unified Communications desktop client, presence, instant messaging, fax server, unified messaging, Find-me/Follow-me, advanced call handling, screen pops, and detailed call logs. They integrate with Microsoft Exchange and also support contact center, ACD, IVR, video calls, text-to-speech announcements, call recording, and Voice Mail.

The systems are easily managed and maintained through the administrative console, referred to as MX Administrator™, an intuitive Graphical User Interface that can configure and monitor every aspect of the platform securely and remotely over LANs or WANs. You can configure and manage multiple systems at the same time from anywhere through one MX Administrator console.


Unmatched Reliability

The MX-E comes with built-in redundancy for all major components to provide survivability that is fit for any enterprise-level customer. And even smaller deployments can take advantage of Zultys’ reliability and resilience. Each MX system comes pre-packaged with software features that ensure that your phone system will remain operational in any circumstances. Disaster recovery options allow customers to have a remote MX system configured as part of an MXnetwork to take over functionality of other MX systems; so even if the corporate office suffers from a full power-outage due to a natural disaster, employees can still communicate with customers through the corporate phone system.

  • Designed for SIP Open Standards – The MX series of IP phone systems has been designed and built from the ground up as SIP Open Standards platforms to provide a complete IP telephony and Unified Communications solution. Zultys not only provides its own line of high quality SIP desktop phones, but also supports a growing range of 3rd party phones and services. Zultys gives the user the freedom to tailor the deployment that’s best for them.
  • Scale Seamlessly as Your Company’s Needs Grow – Zultys MX series of IP phone systems seamlessly scale up to meet a company’s growing communications needs, often without ever requiring any additional hardware. You can expand to meet your needs by upgrading user licenses (up to the service capacity of an IP phone system), or you can deploy additional MX systems within an MXnetwork.

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