Northeast IS, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is helping business securely manage their Apple devices, Mac OS, iPads and iPhones with a cloud-based managed IT services tool. Northeast IS’s investment in sophisticated software solutions enables the company to effectively and efficiently monitor, manage, and secure Apple devices, including laptops, desktops, servers and tablets which rely on Apple or Mac OS. This is especially important as more organizations transition to fully remote or hybrid workplaces which demand more stringent security measures, in addition to more flexibility.

While Apple products are ubiquitous in the modern workplace, especially in creative fields which require rapid innovation, IT companies have been reluctant to provide technical support for Apple-related devices due to the lack of suitable tools, which ensure the safe, efficient and robust utilization of those devices. However, Northeast IS now has the capability to streamline any IT network, not just Windows/PC-based networks, for more efficiency and security. For the end user, this means that creative industries will now have the same access to high-caliber, network security that any organization expects from their IT partner, without losing any of the functionality necessary for innovation.

“What’s really exciting about this is the simplicity of the back-end. Our solution simplifies the monitoring, management and continual optimization required to maintain Apple devices at a very high-level,” stated C.G.  Frink, President of Northeast IS. “Our team can simply manage and secure all Apple devices within our customers’ organizations. This will result in better maintained IT systems which will undoubtedly increase performance, boost productivity across the board and will also address cybersecurity concerns. We’re excited to deliver unparalleled IT security, faster networks, more productive staff and ultimately increased profits, for our Apple-oriented customers,” concluded Frink.

Through this partnership, Northeast IS will be able to help SMBs deploy new devices in less than five minutes, through automated device enrollment and onboarding for end users. Additionally, once those devices are deployed within an organization, they will be proactively monitored for device issues with automatic remediation before they result in any downtime for end users, which is what individuals have come to expect from their technology. This is vital for organizations which don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to enterprise-grade IT management, but still want their technology to be protected through a proactive, preventative ecosystem which improves over time and doesn’t expose the organization to undue risks.

Lastly, while the productivity and security enhancements are obvious benefits for SMBs regardless of industry, Northeast IS can now ensure compliance for industries which have certain IT standards which companies must adhere to.

“We’re excited to offer a truly robust IT management solution for our Apple clients,” commented Frink. “This will open the floodgates for more creativity to be unleashed in any organization that wants to benefit from Apple’s design-oriented devices.”

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