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We at Northeast IS take great pride in providing innovative, cutting-edge solutions for our customers in the New York and New England area. We provide top-notch service and support to our customers, and it is the reason why so many businesses partner with us for years. As the holidays are wrapped up, we’d like to highlight a few projects we are proud of completing.


Auto/Mate specializes in Dealership Management Services(DMS). About three years ago, Auto/Mate installed a Mitel Cloud system. Auto/Mate is very hands-on with their network and found that Mitel didn’t offer the flexibility and mobility that they needed to operate properly. After speaking with us, they decided to utilize Zultys cloud solutions. Dean Wescott was instrumental in this process and provided Auto/Mate with all of the necessary solutions.

The installation went very smoothly as we set up a 250 seat cloud deployment across multiple locations. The installation included a contact center, conferencing, and web-conferencing.

Ulster Savings Bank

Ulster Savings Bank has 15 sites in the New York area. We virtualized all of their offices and upgraded their equipment. Ulster Savings Bank is very pleased with our work, and we are proud of continuing to deliver the service and products that our reputation has been built upon for over 35 years.

Community Outreach

We are committed to giving back to our community. This year we hosted a toy drive in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House. The toy drive was a great success, and we are extremely proud of our efforts.

Northeast IS will continue to deliver outstanding service and innovative solutions to our customers. We know our customers stand on solid ground because we are committed to building personal relationships and providing the right solutions for your business. Contact us and allow us to help you with all of your IT needs.


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