The time has come for eastern upstate New York to receive a new area code! Local news outlets report that this is to accommodate growth in the regional telecommunication sector over the next years. Depending on the county or town you live in, it could take a while for available 518 to run out. Still, if you’re requesting a new line or changing locations then you might be assigned an 838 number now. This won’t affect your current phone numbers though but will affect new ones.

With an additional local area code, we will now have to dial the full 10-digit phone number for calls to 518 & 838 numbers. You should update speed dials on phone systems, fax machines, credit card machines, cell phones, and Outlook contacts with the area code, to avoid confusion with new 838 numbers. Starting August 19th this will be a requirement for all calls, with the exception of 9-1-1 and similar emergency numbers. Some areas might use the last available 518 numbers earlier than remote or less populated areas, though the Officials with the North American Numbering Plan Administrator have said that they will be exhausted by 2019.

Starting this month, the following counties will start to see the new 838 area code phased in to join the current 518 area code:

  1. Albany
  2. Clinton
  3. Columbia
  4. Dutchess
  5. Essex
  6. Franklin
  7. Fulton
  8. Greene
  9. Hamilton
  10. Montgomery
  11. Rensselaer
  12. Saint Lawrence
  13. Saratoga
  14. Schenectady
  15. Schoharie
  16. Warren
  17. Washington

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