NEC’s comprehensive cloud solutions range from highly adaptable applications to platforms and data centers — all backed by NEC’s wealth of global experience and expertise. Through the provision of cloud solutions, NEC is contributing to the safety, security, equality and efficiency of society. Call for your free Cloud Solutions evaluation and see how NEC can improve your efficiency and productivity.

For enterprise customers

Cloud Infrastructure Service(NEC Cloud IaaS)
provides high cost efficiency, performance and reliability with security and streamlined operation of hybrid cloud environment.

For telecom operators and enterprise customers

OSS-based Cloud Infrastructure Building Solution (NEC Cloud System)
enables faster integration of highly reliable and scalable open cloud environment by leveraging OpenStack.

For enterprise customers and service providers

NEC Kanagawa Data center and NEC Kobe Data Center
provide cloud infrastructure service “NEC Cloud IaaS” as well as housing (colocation) service to enable felexible cloud environment.

For new business creation

connects all types of devices in a way that is safe and secure to create new value leading to a prosperous and innovative society.

For manufacturing customers

Product LifeCycle Management(Obbligato)
provides a platform for sharing product information required for global Manufacturing to improve the QCDE (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment) of products and support your business expansion.

Highlighted case studies

Tomy Company, Ltd. (Japan)
Mission Critical Systems on the Cloud for Global Growth using NEC Cloud IaaS

C.L.P Engineering Co.,LTD.(Manufacturer of machinery)
By using PLM cloud service (Obbligato for SaaS), C.L.P Engineering succeeded in smooth information sharing between departments and reducing material wastage to only 0.5%.

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