Surveillance Camera

Security is an important concern for businesses and institutions that are spread across large areas, such as car dealerships, schools, universities, amusement parks, and warehouses, to name a few. In each of these cases, cameras might need to be mounted indoors and outdoors to enhance security. This enables security teams to get a good look at anyone entering limited access areas, watch over valuable items, and react faster to emergency situations.

One of the biggest benefits of the IP cameras is the ability to view live video feeds remotely, from any device. Security personnel and managers can access different cameras and angles from across the network, allowing them to react better to ongoing situations. Maybe someone is trying to break through the complex fences, or maybe a raccoon is climbing in. Thanks to the video management software we offer, you can quickly see and assess what is happening and react accordingly.

Both the software and hardware are well suited for a range of purposes. We offer cameras suited to both day- and nighttime recording, with weatherproof cases that are hard to crack. This is combined with analytics software that lets you search videos and export materials for training purposes, investigations, and insurance claims. Your team at Northeast Information Systems can help you understand the different benefits and combination of products to suit your specific needs. The goal is to help you keep your facility secure with the right tools and solutions.


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