User holding an iPhone

Communication is critical and customer service is essential for any type of business but is poor cellular connection holding you back? Poor connectivity can pose a significant threat, and while it is often overlooked or shrugged off as a minor problem, weak cell service in or around your organization can significantly affect your daily operations and overall reputation. Northeast IS strives to ensure that your business is functioning effectively, so we provide excellent cellular coverage throughout your company with our cellular boost technology.

Weak coverage areas or dead zones negatively impact your business by

  • Inconveniencing potential customers and clients. When customers realize that they aren’t getting a good cell signal, they are quick to leave; causing you to lose customers.
  • Creating a bad reputation and reducing productivity. When there is poor reception anywhere within your organization, it can increase the chances of dropped and stuttering calls. This creates a bad image for your business.
  • Draining the life of your hardware. Because of the need to find coverage, a smartphone will use more energy, thus causing the battery to die quicker. This leads to having to replace phones more often, which is costly.
  • Poor cellular reception affects not only your phones, but also internet connectivity, upload, and download speeds.

It is important to make sure cellular coverage is available in all areas of your business. Dead zones can be particularly frustrating due to the reasons they can occur; in rural areas, cell towers are sparsely located causing low signals, and in large metropolitan cities, buildings made with materials like brick and concrete can affect cell connectivity. Our cell coverage booster is the solution to these issues and this system enhances every area of your business including the outdoors. This solution saves you money and improves overall business functions. From small offices to large stadiums, Northeast IS has what you need.

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