We all have our usual routine when logging in to the office computer and phone system. All our applications and tools where we need them, files on hand, and email a click away. When you move to cloud services and desktop virtualization, all of that stays the same. But now, you can access your desktop even after a hardware failure or when you can’t get to the office. No more snow days for you! With our Workspace as a Service (WaaS), your business IT system is run using the cloud. This means that voice and data systems are automatically backed up and protected, offsite, so that they can’t be damaged in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or robbery. By using external servers from your cloud service provider, you save the monthly costs and hefty initial investment in on-site servers. Your provider takes on the risk, security, and maintenance for the data storage.

What is the main benefit of using WaaS, aside from the easy backup? Everything you do when you log into your computer, all of that is now on the cloud. You can access your virtual desktop from anywhere – home office, local coffee shop, other company locations, and during business travel. You can quickly connect with colleagues in different location, with an IT system that extends beyond each separate office. In addition, WaaS comes with range of different applications that can add to your productivity and efficiency at work. NISTEL can help you find the right applications in the cloud to fit your IT needs, with the added benefits of mobility and accessibility.


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