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As our technologies develop, it can get difficult to sort through the many different means of communication that customers and colleagues can use to reach us. Did you get those numbers from Phil in an email, on the phone, in a voicemail, as a text message or through the company messaging service? There’s an easier way to integrate and track your communications.

Unified communication solutions pair up with your VoIP phone system to centralize your calls, voicemail, messaging, and even video service. Enjoy a range of features aimed at improving your work processes and adding mobility to the workplace. We can link your office together over existing data networks, so that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can provide a single corporate image to customers and vendors. You can even take your extension with you while outside the office, so you’re always reachable when you need to be. Everything runs through your centralized communications platform, making it easier to connect with everyone.

There’s no need to worry about communications failing if the network is down. Northeast Information Systems can set up a fully self-contained phone system including local voicemail, presence and instant messaging services that will continue to work even if the internet is unavailable.

Thanks to unified communication you can enjoy real-time communications on-demand, for a low price. With a more connected workforce, your team can more effectively work with customers and partners, even while on the move.

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