Benefits of Moving to Cloud-Based Email

Cost Savings

Cloud-based email is a subscription service model, which provides a significant cost savings for implementing and maintaining the environment.

Flexible Scalability

The scalability of Cloud-based email allows for an increase in future email capacity without having to do any major changes to the environment itself.

Improvement of Uptime

Another benefit of Cloud-based email is an improvement of uptime, which allows for more optimal email usage. Your organization will experience better uptime and disaster recovery response times than those organizations that still rely on their on-premise solutions.

Simplified Administration

Cloud-based email simplifies administration of your email system.  As with all web-based applications, Cloud-based email simplifies your administrative needs.

Improved Security

When you use Cloud-based email system, your corporate emails will reside in an off-site, highly protected location, making it more secure than if it were on-premises. Organizations that switch to Cloud-based email solutions are taking steps securing data.

Remote Access

By switching to Cloud-based email, you can give your remote workers access to their email from wherever they are, making them more productive. The convenient remote access to their emails is appreciated by many remote workers.

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